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Sanlung Temple 三隆宮
Situated south of Benfu Village, Sanlung Temple is dedicated to the three deities Zhu Wang Ye, Chi Wang Ye and Wu Wang Ye. The religious belief of Wang Ye originated in Quanzhou of Fujian Province and was a local religious belief accepted only by the Fujianese and Taiwanese. In Quanzhou of Fujian Province, Wan Ye was called Wen Wang (God of Plague). Due to infectious diseases easily passed in summer, residents along the coast of Quanzhou built a magnificent king boat carrying a small Wan Ye statue as well as offerings, such as two bags of rice, chickens, goats, etc., and then put it to the sea.

The residents believed that the king boat sailed out of their lands and took away the plague. Most of the king boats sank in the sea while few of them floated onto foreign lands. They also believed that if the king boat floated onto your land, all of you should kneel down on the ground to welcome it. Besides, you should build a temple for the king boat on the coast or put more offerings onto the king boat and put it back to the sea. Otherwise, disasters would happen to you. That is why you can see king boats in Taiwan’s Wan Ye Temples along the river or sea.
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