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Biyun Temple 碧雲寺
Biyun Temple is situated on the top of the hill at Daliaozhuang between Shangfu Village and Dafu Village. In short, its location is in the middle of the island. During the reign of Yongzheng Emperor (1723-1735) of the Ching Dynasty, a man called Tianshen moved to Sanban Road on the island from Kaohsiung, and was the first generation of Tian family at Sanfu Village. He built a small house in front of Biyun Temple and made his living on goat farming.

One night he dreamed of Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) who asked him to build a temple in the area. After waking up with a start, he told the villagers that he would donate his land for building a temple according to the instruction of Guanyin in his dream.

In 1936, the first year during the reign of Qianlong Emperor of the Ching Dynasty, the temple was built and named Guanyin Pavilion. As it is said the Buddha of the Biyun Temple would satisfy people’s praying, the temple attracts many worshippers.
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