Wild Boar Trench 山豬溝
Wild Boar Trench(SANZU Ditch) is situated northwest of Sanbanao and connected to Black Dwart Cave. Composed of cliffs, the ditch is dangerous, deep, curved and about 400 meters long and has a variety of wild plants in it. It is said that mountain pigs were seen in the area, so people called it Sanzu (mountain pig) Ditch.

In addition, according to legend, there was a mountain pig spirit that is hundreds years old and able to change itself into a man formation. One day, the mountain pig spirit saw a female fairy taking a bath in the sea with her clothes left on the shore and then stole the clothes. After taking a bath, the female fairy found her clothes disappeared, which made her unable to return home naked. The female fairy hid herself and cried in the jungle. The mountain pig spirit took the opportunity to ask the female fairy to marry him in return for the clothes. The female fairy pretended to accept the deal and got her clothes back. As soon as the female fairy put on the clothes, she flew away immediately. The mountain pig spirit could not stop missing the female fairy and crying and then died of sadness. According to this legend, people named the place Sanzu Ditch.
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LIUQIU MAP Baisha Port 白沙觀光港 Flower Vase Rock 花瓶石 Beauty Cave 美人洞風景區 Sanmin Road 三民老街 ChungAu Beach 中澳沙灘 Lobster Cave 龍蝦洞 Restoration Pavilion 復育涼亭 Dafu Fishing Harbor 大福漁港 Houshi Fringing Reef 厚石裙礁 Mouse Rock 老鼠石 Guanyin Rock 觀音石 Indian Rock 紅蕃石 Climbing Tiger Rock 爬山虎 HaiTzuKuo 海子口 Sunset Galley 落日亭 Black Devil Cave 烏鬼洞風景區 Geban Bay 蛤板灣(威尼斯海灘) Wetland Part 竹林生態濕地公園 Lingshan Temple 靈山寺 Wild Boar Trench 山豬溝 Shanfu Fishing Harbor 杉福漁港 Duozaiping 肚仔坪潮間帶 Sanfu Ecological Path 杉褔生態廊道 Sea View Pavilion 望海亭 Net Cage 箱網養殖區 Biyun Temple 碧雲寺 Sanlung Temple 三隆宮 White Lighthouse 白燈塔 Current Position
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