Ying Wang Ceremony in Liuqiu
‘Ying Wang’ means welcoming duty ‘God of Plague’ of the year whom Jade Emperor, the supreme deity in Taoism, authorizes to make an inspection tour on earth. With Jade Emperor’s permission, once every three years the three deities Chi Wang Ye, Wu Wang Ye and Zhu Wang Ye of Sanlung Temple make an inspection tour. Religiously, Ying Wang brings good fortune to people during his inspection tour around the island.

The ceremony of Ying Wang continued for more than one hundred years. In roughly 1971 Wang Chuan (King Boat) became a part of the islanders’ belief and its ceremony was performed for the first time by Chilong Temple in Yufu Viliage and then Shuisian Temple in Benfu Viliage and Huashan Temple in Dufu Viliage. However, the ceremony didn’t include King Boat until 1982 Shanlong Temple built the first one. With the instruction of the three deities of Shanlong Temple, once every three years Liuqiu should hold King Boat Festival after that of Donglong Temple in Donggang. In 1985, for the first time Liuqiu held its onwn King Boat Festival.

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