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Liuqiu Wedding Tour

In July, Liuqiu turns into an island of love. It is said that the God of love, Cupid, will come to the island and send blessings of eternal happiness to all the people on the island. The deep blue ocean water, the romantic beaches and the special coral reef landscape of Liuqiu under the gentle setting sun have become the favorite of all tourists.

The Township Chief, Hong, Yi-Xiang, said with scenic spots, culture, arts, fashion, leisure and various marine activities, they are aimed to attract more new domestic and foreign tourists to come to Liuqiu for wedding pictures. Traveling to Liuqiu to take wedding pictures can embrace all the magnificent natural features. The tourists will be more impressed by the scenery of Liuqiu and it will build the marine culture and tourism. There will be more and more leisure tourism marine activities in Liuqiu to create an island of love for everybody.

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