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2009 Liuqiu Marine Agricultural Festival is About to Start!

2009 Liuqiu Marine Agricultural Festival is About to Start!
DATE: 10/10/2009 to 10/18
VENUE: BaiSha Port

The marine agricultural festival this year is mainly to transmit the message of
"Relax on a domestic holiday in the beautiful food paradise of Liuqiu"!

The Head of Liuqiu Township, Mr. Hong, Yi-Xiang, explained this message
is based on the fact that Liuqiu is the only travel destination in Taiwan
unaffected by the seasonal northeast wind. It is very rich in natural
features for tourism. There are a lot of natural scenic spots and fresh
seafood. You will like to spend more time here to appreciate the scenery
created by the magic of mother nature. You can also join the marine
agricultural activities organized jointly by the local government and the
social groups. The scenic spots of Liuqiu are special and fun, and they
all can be reached within a half hour ride. Tourists can really enjoy all
the energy and passion of Liuqiu!

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