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General Information

Baisha PortSituated south of the mouth of Kaoping River, Liuqiu is governed by Pingtung County and the only one coral island of Taiwan’s offshore islands. As most of the islanders make their living by fishing, Liuqiu is characterized by various goods of local fish specialties and a lifestyle of fishing village. The ground inclines gently towards northeast. There are odd coral rocks eroded by the sea alongside the coast, cliffs in the south and small rare sandy beaches on the western coast.

  • Area: 6.801 square kilometers (4 kilometers long from north to south, 2 kilometers wide from east to west)
  • Population: about 13000
  • Administrative district: Benfu Viliage, Zhongfu Viliage, Yufu Viliage, Dafu Viliage, Shangfu Viliage, Shanfu Viliage, Nanfu Viliage and Tianfu Viliage
  • School: Liuqiu Elementary School, Baisha Elementary School, Chyuande Elementary and Liuqiu Junior High School
  • Port: Baisha Tourist Port, Dafu Fishing Harbor
  • Economic industry: Fishing industry mainly
  • Water and electricity resources: Water and electricity supplies from the mains in Taiwan

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