Travel Information
Bicycle Ride Map
※There are more down slope sections if you circle the island in a clockwise direction starting from Baisha port. → Flower Vase Rock → City Area → Chung-Au Beach → Sanmin Road → Lobster Cave → Restoration Pavilion  Power Station → Dafu Fishing Harbor → Houshi Fringing Reef, Indian Rock, Guanyin Rock and Climbing Tiger Rock HaiTzuKuo  Sunset Pavilion  Black Devil Cave Genban Beach Wild Boar Trench Shanfu Fishing Harbor  Duozaiping → Beauty Cave. Return to Baisha Port, or  go to Sanlung Temple, Biyuan Temple and Wetland Part.
The stores are mainly concentrated near the end of the Baisha port. There are also a few stores at Black Devil Cave, Wild Boar Trench, Geban Bay and Beauty Cave on the west coast.
At Baisha Port, Dafu Fishing Harbor, Beauty Cave, Wild Boar Trench and Black Devil Cave.
  1. Round-the-island Road has no shelter, please bring water and put on sunblock before the ride.
  2. No ferry service is available at night. If you would like to spend the night on Liuqiu, please contact hostels operated by residents on the island in advance.
  3. In order to protect the landscape and wildlife, entrance fees are collected for Beauty Cave, Wild Boar Trench and Black Devil Cave. You can visit all three spots with the same ticket. Beauty Cave is located in the middle of the round-the-island road. You can go past the spot by explaining to the ticketing officers that you just want to go past and do not want to go in and have a look.
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