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About Liuqiu Ring Road
Distance: 18km / 11 miles. Starting Point: Baisha Port
ROUTE: Flower Vase Rock * 0.5km * Baisha Port * 100m * ChungAu Beach * 3.8km *
Houshi Fringing Reef * 2km * Sunset Galley * 0.5km * Black Devil Cave * 0.5km *
Geban Bay * 0.5km * Wild Boar Trench * 0.3km * Shanfu Fishing Harbor * 0.4km *
Sanfu Ecological Path * 1.2km * Beauty Cave * 1.6km * Baisha Port
Altitude Chart
Altitude Chart

Liuqiu is located in the southwest of Donggang of Pingtung County, southern Taiwan. It is only a half hour ferry ride from Donggang. It is the only coral reef island in Taiwan. There are a lot of scenic spots on the island and you will see special stones and natural features everywhere. There is also tideland with rich wildlife, beautiful sunrise, awesome dark sky with bright stars and firebugs at night. You can also enjoy all kinds of water activities, which include scuba diving and submarines. The round-the-island bicycle ride is popular now and you can enjoy the scenery of the fishing village and other scenic spots in a relaxing manner.

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